St. Joseph's N.S.

Term 3 and continued school closure

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

At the out start of the school closures on March 13th we would have been hoping that by this stage we would all have been back to school and that some form of normality would have returned. Yet, we still find ourselves in these uncertain times. All we can do is remain positive, stay true to the course of recommended actions by the government and focus on our health and that of our loved ones, in the knowledge that this too will pass.

My key message in all of this is that we are not moving forward so nobody will be left behind. I have emailed weekly work packs and menus of suggested activities that you may complete should you not have access to a printer or reliable internet and will continue to do so over the coming weeks. These work packs and activity lists are optional, not compulsory. RTE School Hub continues daily from Monday to Friday at 11am as to does Cúla 4 on TG4 at 10am. I have included their weekly schedule of activities in the emails I have sent to you.

Everyone’s circumstances is different . As the children’s primary educator, the choice is yours as their parent/guardian as to what you will choose to do with them. Adapt a common sense approach to this situation and do not feel under any pressure to replicate the environment of school in the home, despite the pressures you may feel from social media and other sources. Focus on your health and well being and anything else you do is a bonus As principal and teacher, I will continue to support you all through this to the best of my ability. As always, I am contactable by email on

Stay safe and healthy,

Kind regards,

Mr. Keane

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