St. Joseph's N.S.

Mission Statement

We will try to bring each child into contact with a rich variety of experience to enable them to discover and develop their individual talents. Our aim is to assist in the development of each child’s physical, social, emotional, creative, intellectual, moral and spiritual capacities.
Each pupil has the right to be happy in school and nobody (fellow pupil or staff member) has the right to undermine that happiness. Respect for the rights and property of others is an integral part of our ethos. In exercising our rights we may not impinge on the rights of others. Violence, threatening or aggressive behaviour are inappropriate means of conflict resolution.

Subject to the availability of space and resources, no pupil will be refused enrolment in our school on the grounds of race, creed, colour, social class, intellectual or physical capacity.

Religious instruction involves the passing on of the values of the Catholic faith and preparation of pupils for the sacraments of that church. In the event of non-Catholic children being enrolled, arrangements will be made with parents/guardians regarding religious class.

St. Joseph’s N.S. strives to advance both individually and collectively, the personal and professional development of its teachers through staff development programmes.

It is our wish that each pupil leaves our school with elevated self-confidence, self-discipline and respect for all.

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